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Gun care

Gun care


Providing you exercise basic care, guns and scopes etc. require very little cleaning and maintenance. Under normal conditions, a drop of oil (not silicone oil) on the barrel hinge (preferably not in the barrel, and NEVER in the chamber) on break barrels, or on the pump hinge for pump up guns is all that's necessary every month or so. Every 6 months or so, a little oil such as WD-40 on a soft rag can be wiped over the guns external metalwork, making sure it goes into every nook and cranny of hinge, scope rail etc. The gun should not be sopping wet with oil afterwards, as this will trickle through breech mechanism etc. and clog up in the stock- not pleasant- a gentle sheen is all that's required. (Some forms of engine oil can be used too- the oil is heavier, and will hence last longer and be more hard wearing).

Scope lenses should be gently brushed with a soft artists paintbrush to remove any grit, then gently polished with a soft piece of toilet tissue. Grit is the killer here- NEVER polish a gritty/ dusty scope lens until all particles have been brushed away. (If necessary, after polishing, any particles of tissue can be brushed away too).

After a hunting trip, your rifle may be covered in sweat, animal blood, watery mud, grit and grass. The first thing to do here is to wipe the whole thing clean with a pad of kitchen towel, tissue or soft rag, then go over the metal with the oily rag again. If the blueing is scratched, you can buy pots of 'touch up' gun blue, which you just rub over the place.


This depends on the type of stock- synthetic stocks require no maintenance except wiping clean of mud, blood etc. and drying with a soft cloth or kitchen towel. Wooden stocks should only be dried at room temperature or with a soft cloth because excessive heat can crack them. Once dry, a little stock oil (often specific to type of wood or even type of stock- check with your manufacturer/supplier) can be gently polished in with a circular motion, and, you've guessed it, a soft cloth.

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   Nikko Stirling Diamond Sportsman 10-50x60

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